The Corona Virus

Due to the problems with the Corona Virus the WADF is closely following what will happen in the near future.

The WADF is very happy to see that vaccines are available in most countries around the World.
That means that we could be able to restart our activities as soon Governments reduce the restrictions.

In no way is the WADF supporting the resistance against taking the vaccine, which is growing on the Internet and Social Media outlets.

We certainly do not accept any of the conspiracy theories that are circulating about a “global take over” or that Bill Gates is responsible for the Pandemic, or that the Virus is a fake or does not exist.

This is for real, please be careful and stay safe!

Many organisers are planning on-line events and the Managing Committee welcome organisers to run such events in order to encourage the dancers to keep up the dancing. However the WADF will not at the moment organise any on-line Championships as we feel the on-line events will not give the same fair chanse to all dancers.

The next planned live events are:

Haskovo, Bulgaria 11-13th June 2021
Recommended event

WADF European Championships
Couple Dance Department
Caribbean and Latin event
Warsaw 9-10th October
Officially Granted by the WADF

Nils-Håkan Carlzon
President WADF




International dance Festival
11-13 June 2021

Zarya-1858 Community Centre
Haskovo, Bulgaria

Organizer: Milena Nalbantova

WADF Recommended event
The event runs under organizer’s own rules
Enrollments directly to the organizer.





WADF 2020 World Championships
Salsa Rueda

Bratislava, Slovakia

Suspended event. Next event will
take place in Bratislava, Slovakia

Organiser: SalsaNor
Contact: Reidun Svabö

WADF Officially Granted World Championships.
Enrolments directly to the organiser





European Championships
Couple Dance
Latino and Caribbean style

Warsaw, Poland
Centrum Edukacji i Sportu
9-10th October 2021

Mysiadlo ul. Kwiatowa 28

Organiser Agata Koziol

WADF officially granted event run under WADF rules.
Enrolments through the WADF system
Active members can enrol dancers.
Active dancers can be enrolled.
DEADLINE TO ENROL 18th September 2021




Dance Show

9th October 2021
Warsaw, Poland

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Dance Show

9th October 2021
Warsaw, Poland

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Artistic One Dance
Solos and Duos

9th October 2021
Warsaw, Poland

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