Our disciplines

Here you can see our disciplines and watch some of our example videos

WADF General Presentation

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Couple Dance Department 

Solo Dance competitions
Duo Dance competitions
Triple Dance competitions
Artistic One Dance competitions
Artistic Three Dance competitions
Artistic Five-Dance competitions
International Ballroom/Standard
International Latin American
International Combined
International Formation Show
Artistic Couple Dance Formation Show
Salsa Rueda de Casino Show
Synchronized Dance Show
Choreographed Dance Show
Repeat Dance Show

The last videos that you can view is videos of American Smooth, recorded at events in America. In the WADF Artistic Ballroom rules, all figures in the American Smooth is allowed to be danced.

Urban Street and Pop Department 

Urban Street Dance competitions
Urban Pop Dance competitions
Urban Street Dance Show
House Dance competitions
Popping and Locking competitions
Break Dance competitions
Acrobatic Slow Disco competitions



Stage Dance Department

Tap Dance
Jazz Dance
Belly Dance Oriental
Contemporary Ballet
Classical Ballet
Artistic Dance Show
Ethno Dance Show



Artistic Acrobatic Dance Department

Pom Pom – Cheer Dance
Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show
Free Acrobatic Dance Show
Pole Dance Show
Artistic Cheer leading

International 10-dance Department

Standard Ballroom competitions
Latin American competitions
Combined competition
Formation dance competitions

Art & Culture Department

Lip sync competitions
Performing Artists
Folk dance & Folklore competitions