About WADF

Who we are and what we do


Our mission

To create a real democratic honest World Dance Federation where everybody that like to become a member can be accepted as a member without having to go through the ”one member per country”.

To create an International forum for Dancers, Coaches, Dance School owners and Dance Club Trainers where it is possible to discuss and develop dance competition disciplines in an modern and innovative way.

The WADF accepts that the Art of dance is much more than competitions.  There are two parts to be considered, one Technical and one Artistic.  The former methods of presenting competition dancing with couples, where one must have a partner to be an active competitor are out of date.  The demands of the 21st century are being realised in the WADF.

To give all dancers the chance to compete at International competitions without having to be elite dancers. To give all girls that did not found a boy to dance with a chance to be a team member in a Duo, Trio or a Small or Large team were also second and third rated dancers can fill a place.

To offer our members competitions from  6 main Departments containing 24 Dance Divisions including 46 competition Disciplines in 10 Age groups and 7 Categories ending up to more then 5.000 possible combinations.

This is our mission!


Our disciplines

Couple Dance Department 

Solo Dance competitions
Duo Dance competitions
Triple Dance competitions
Artistic One Dance competitions
Artistic Three Dance competitions
Artistic Five-Dance competitions
Artistic Couple Dance Formation Show
Salsa Rueda de Casino Show
Synchronized Dance Show
Choreographed Dance Show
Repeat Dance Show

Urban Street and Pop Dance Department 

Urban Street Dance competitions
Modern Hip Hop competitions
Dancehall competitions
House Dance competitions
Popping and Locking competitions
Break Dance competitions
Waacking Dance competitions
Urban Street Dance Fusion Show competitions
Urban Pop Dance competitions
Modern Disco Dance competitions
Urban Pop Dance Fusion Show competitions
Acrobatic Slow Disco competitions

Stage Dance Department

Tap Dance competitions
Jazz Dance competitions
Contemporary Ballet competitions
Modern Ballet competitions
Classical Ballet competitions
Artistic Dance Show competitions

Artistic Acrobatic Dance Department

Pom Pom – Cheer Dance competitions
Artistic Cheer leading competitions
Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show competitions
Free Acrobatic Dance Show competitions
Pole Dance Show competitions

International 10-dance Dance Department

International Ballroom/Standard competitions
International Latin American competitions
International Combined competitions
International Formation Show competitions

Arts & Culture Dance Department

Belly Dance Oriental competitions
Belly Dance Folk competitions
Belly Dance Show competitions
Ethno Dance Show competitions
Bollywood competitions
Artistic Lip sync competitions
Folk Dance competitions
Performing Artist Show competitions
Afro Cuban Dance Show competitions

All WADF Dance Departments

Production competitions
Choreographed Dance show All WADF styles

The Managing Committee‏

  • Nils-Håkan Carlzon


    The Acting President is Nils-Håkan Carlzon borned 1941 in Örebro, Sweden. He became a Professional dance teacher 1963 and was teaching at his dance school, Nerikes Dansinstitut in Örebro for more then 45 years. He have been active as a well known dance polititian in the Dancing World during all those years. He was a founding member of the Swedish Dance organiztion, a President of the International Dance Organization for 9 years and a Vice President in the World Dance Council for 14 years.

  • Irina Shmalko

    Vice President

    Acting as Vice-President, is Irina Shmalko (Moscow). Irina has been a competitor in Caribbean dance within the IDO for many years and has a great knowledge of Artistic Dancing in general. She was appointed by Stanislav Popov, President Russian Dance Union (RDU) to be head of the Artistic Dance Department within the RDU and she is now an experienced organiser of Artistic Dance Competitions.

    • P: +7 (903) 721 54 34
  • Stuart Saunders

    Vice President

    The acting Executive Secretary is Stuart Saunders (Scotland), currently living in Germany. A very well known person in the dancing World. He has a large network of important professionals around the world. He was Company Secretary and Vice-President of the WDC for 7 years being well known for his dedicated work for the Profession.

    • P:+49 (0) 421 13162
  • Marian Sulc

    Vice President

    Marian Sulc is living in Turnov, Czech Republic. He started his dancing carrier as a competitor in Disco Dance, Break dance, Rock’n Roll and Mambo. He studied Choreography at the Conservatory in Hradec Kralove and Physical Culture and at the Palacky University and finished as a Trainer and Adjudicator of International Dance disciplines.

    He was a Vice President of the IDO for 8 years and has a large experience of organising dance competitions and acting as Supervisor and Chairman of judges in Street and Couple dance competitions. He is now teaching fulltime in Taps Ilma dance school in Turnov together with his sister. In the WADF he is also the Chairman of the Technical Committee.

    • P:+420 777 916 170
  • Gordana Orescanin

    Vice President

    A native of Croatia, where her dance career started with Classical Ballet at the age of 5. She enjoyed a successful Juvenile and Junior Rhythmic Gymnast career achieving Croatian Champion. Later Gordana graduated as a programmer and professor of Sport at the University of Novi Sad. In 1993, together with her colleagues from the sport faculty she founded the University Dance Sport Club, from which her dance school “Viva Dance” was created. A few months later, in 1994, Gordana entered the organiser arena by presenting the first Festival of Modern Dance in the Novi Sad National Theatre which was to become a traditional annual event during the following years.

    During a 15 year period Gordana was an IDO Licensed Chairman of Judges, Supervisor and Scrutineer and presented IDO International Championships in 2002/5/7/9/10 and 11. On the famous Serbian TV show “Plesom do snova/Dancing to the Dream” (the Serbian version of Dancing with the Stars she was one of the judges for two series. Today Gordana is busy in her dance School “Viva Dance”, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and working with students in the faculty sport.

    Gordana strongly believes that “Dancing means to Love, and Loving means to live”.

    • P:+381 62 1599 373
  • Guido de Smet

    Vice President

    Guido de Smet is a well-known person in the dancing World. He has been involved in World Dance politics for many years. He is the current President of BULDO, the Belgium Dance teacher’s organisation and he has been involved in the WDC Social dance Committee as the main examiner for many years.

    His CV follows below:

    Master degree in Sports and Physical Education at University of Leuven (KUL) Post-Graduate in Training and Coaching with Specialty in Dance Fellow and examiner (BULDO) in Ballroom, Latin-American and Argentine tango Trainer-coach and choreographer of 17 times Belgian Standard Formation Champions. Trainer-coach and choreographer of Triple undefeated World Argentine Tango champions Peter Rombouts – Marga Wouters. Lecturer at different congresses in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Greece. WDC Senior Examiner, Examiner BULDO. WDC, WDC AL, IDO, WADF adjudicator. Current President of the Belgian Professional Dance Teachers Organisation (BULDO) and the Amateur Competition Divisions FDSF and Bel-aL (Belgian Amateur League).

    Specialties: Argentine tango and Ballroom dancing