Important notice

The WADF is pleased to announce that the Managing Committee has decided that until the 31st of December 2021 registered dancers do not need an active license to participate at WADF World and Continental Championships and that Member Clubs and Schools can enrol dancers without having to pay the membership fee.

First NOTICE of the 2021 WADF Annual General Assembly

 16 October 2021   Hotel Budva, Budva Montenegro

Active members are invited to send Proposals for the Agenda and Nominations for Managing Committee members not later than the 1st of October to The final Agenda will be published one week before the meeting.

Our next WADF World  Championships

 15-17 October 2021   Budva Montenegro

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Indian dancing, Solos, Duos, Trios, Small & Large teams

Example: Indian dancing Trio



WADF World Grand Prix

19th-21st November Qualifications
26th-28th November Finals

The event is run under WADF rules.
All members enrolling competitors will be activated having their membership fee paid for the whole 2022 and all dancers that will participate will have their license paid until the 31st of December 2022

Enrolment fee: 30 Euro per dancers including up to 3 competitions. 10 Euro per extra competition.
Maximum fee is 50 Euro.

Time limits for the performances.
Solos, Duos and Trios: Music must be between a minimum of 1.30 and a maximum of 2 minutes.
Small & Large Teams: Music must be between a minimum of 2.30 and a maximum of 3 minutes.
Showcases: Music must be between a minimum of 3.30 and a maximum of 4 minutes.
Super Showcases: Music must be between a minimum of 3.30 and a maximum of 5 minutes.

The event will be streamed on Youtube.

WADF World Grand Prix
World Wide On-line event

Technical details for filming the videos

  1. Horizontal shooting (by mobile or camera) NOT vertical.
    2. Analysis Full HD (1920(or more) * 1080)
    3. 5 seconds introduction before music starts for all categories.
    4. The video must keep playing after the end of the music for 3 seconds
    5. The video must be one continuous record with no visual effects
    7. The music must be uploaded separately in the Master-soft system where the enrolments take place.

All videos have to be sent by a cloud programme like WeTransfer or Drop Box addressed to the mail

Please give the name and contact e-mail of the member sending it and the dancer/dancers name or in a team the name of the Performance.

If there are any questions please send them to




This is our mission


To create a real democratic honest World Dance Federation where everybody that like to become a member can be accepted as a member without having to go through the ”one member per country”.

To create an International forum for Dancers, Choaches, Dance school owners and Dance club Trainers where it is possible to discuss and develope dance competition disciplines in an modern and innovative way.

The WADF accepts that the Art of dance is much more than Dance Sport competitions.  There are two parts to be considered. In the WADF events the dancers are evaluated in both the Technical merit and in the Artistic merit. Artistic competitive dancing is first and foremost Art and Culture.

To give all dancers the chance to compete at International competitions without having to be elite dancers. To give all girls that did not found a boy to dance with a chance to be a team member in a Duo, Trio or a Small or Large team were also second and third rated dancers can fill a place.

To offer our members competitions from 7 main Departments containing 24 Dance Divisions including 56 competition Disciplines in 10 Age groups and 7 Categories ending up to more than 10.000 possible combinations.

Welcome to be a part of the WADF-family now!

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About WADF

Who we are

WADF is a non-profit, non-political democratic worldwide dance-organisation with a dedicated enthusiastic leader team who together have more than 100 years of experience in the Art of dance.

We learn from the past, we live in the present and we look for the future!

What we do

    • We revitalise the methods of teaching dance in all parts of the World!
    • We honour the freedom of dance by accepting unlimited number of members in every country.
    • We go beyond the old way of thinking that you must have a partner to become a competitor.
    • We involve all levels of dancers in Worldwide Artistic Dance competitions.
    • We give all girls that do not have a partner a chance to continue to dance by participating together with friends in teams or in Solo dance competitions.
    • We accept also individuals, couples, teams, schools and clubs as members and not only one Association per country.